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to find Hidden Treasure in Montana - six areas

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There is a hidden treasure in Montana. But to find the key to the treasure, the search is.

You've probably heard the story at home a person happy about what has happened is a buried treasure, or cache is active. It can happen. I know many people who have stumbled a treasure, but these cases are rare and very lucky. I am a professional treasure hunter, like me, who have discovered the treasures were activelySearch. How to find the treasures that are known to hide, or those who are supposed to be buried, you have to do the proper research is a treasure of history, just like the pros.

This article starts on the right track and in a moment you're on some areas that have been said to be buried and lost treasures reading in Montana.

With a metal detector is a good idea to find a hidden treasure. You do not need expensive detector. There are cheapDetectors, which can be purchased for between $ 300 and $ 400. The key point is to learn how to properly use your detector. Reading the manual and use the detector has enough knowledge to find all the treasures. They are out there. Here are six places to begin your search of lost treasure in Montana.

China Grade is located near the Clear Fork river, between Drummond and Bearmouth. During the gold boom in 1860, lived here many miners. Presumably it is to be buriedmuch of their gold for safekeeping. Maybe some of them die without it, where are their cache?

Missoula Hell Gate Ronde Ruins is about two miles northwest of. Henry Plummer's gang buried a cache of gold coins and nuggets
or somewhere around the city. Shortly after the band was hanging without telling them where the cache was buried.

Fort Missoula River military post is located on the Clark Fork, about three miles south ofMissoula. In 1880, a miner probably buried about two hundred pounds of gold nuggets. The story is that the miner's mule broke his leg. A few weeks later, after his return did not find the cache for the miners.

Springer The Lost Gold Mine is located near the Bagge's Creek basin ', a mile north of the intersection of Baggs and Cottonwood Creek, near Anaconda.
Three miners three hundred pounds of gold from the mine, but after his departure were not able to locateafter their return.

Hollow mountaintop Waterloo is located approximately seven miles northeast of. The band Plummer buried $ 800,000 in gold bars and coins in a cave on the mountain. The gang was hanged before returning to the Treasury.

Haystack Butte is near Choteau. Before he was hanged, buried Henry Plummer $ 650,000 in gold somewhere on the Missouri River near Haystack Butte.

It 'important to always ask permission when the inputPrivate property. If you are in a state or province, in search of lost treasure, you should check with your laws state on each hole.

The links below provide further information on state laws.

Good luck in your search for a hidden treasure.

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